Newlok is a concealed fix, standing seam sheet profile with an effective cover width of 445mm, and a height of 50.8mm. It is designed for use on low pitched roofs and can with stand high wind conditions and has commercial, industrial and residential applications.
Newlok’s unique interlocking clipping system incorporates a concealed clip to positively hold down the male-female joint at every rib. The profile usually roll formed on mobile mills on the building site, in lengths of up to 120m. The 2-panel clip allows for natural thermal expansion and contraction of the sheet, and the 50mm rib height delivers optimal water shedding capabilities at slopes as low as 1.5 degrees.


The Newlok clip incorporates a dual action component to positively hold down the male-female joint on every rib. It also incorporates a sliding two piece halter to allow for thermal movement.
*Seaming is recommended for Industrial and Commercial applications. For residential purposes, a snapped configuration is adequate due to reduced loadings.



Cranking Of Profiled Sheeting Cranking of a profiled sheet incorporates lateral rib indentations pressed in at uniform distances which vary according to the radius requirements.
NB. When ordering cranked sheets, details should be given using our standard information sheet – please contact our technical department at your nearest branch.


It should be noted that Aluminium has an expansion co-efficient which is twice that of conventional steel substrates. If the sheet is to be bullnosed on one end, then expansion must be allowed for in the opposite direction.
These drawings show the various types of bullnosing and cranking available on UBL sheeting. Before production may commence, we will require a detailed drawing giving all the required data, and duly authorized by the customer.