Graduate Trainee Programme

Eliphelet, Wycli, Ronah, Emmanuel and Michael are the UBL Graduate Trainees 2015.

Eliphelet, Wycli, Ronah, Emmanuel and Michael are the UBL Graduate Trainees 2015.

Uganda Baati Ltd the leading manufacturer & marketer of Roofing & Long Products in Uganda launched its Graduate Trainee Program in April 2015.

This is part of our Group initiative, where the company intends on going to all leading universities in major countries all over Africa that we operate in and recruit the best students in the universities to transform them into future corporate leaders.

The program entails the selected candidate to go through a rigorous training program where the student is being exposed to all departments so as to get a holistic picture of the business in such a way that different tasks are assigned and rotated through various company departments so as they could gain more understanding on the UBL operations; develop functional, managerial skills and also advance their personal and professional development over a period of 12 months.The learning would be through mentorship and exposure to all aspects of the business through live projects in and out of the office.

In preparations for the Graduate Trainee Program, Uganda Baati participated in the Graduate Employment Career fair at Makerere University Business School and Makerere University, where our very own Business Head Mr. DP Mohanty and the HR Manager Mr. Amon Aruho carried on a career presentation to the students for one day and introduced to the students the company, general overview of our group operations and the details of the program.
This was followed by a candidate shortlisting, aptitude test and a finale oral interview from which five (5) trainees were selected and we as Uganda Baati Ltd are happy to announce the first groups of 5 students who have officially joined and are already into the program.

We as a company intend on going to several universities every year and recruit more potential and aspiring students.

We wish the students the very best at Uganda Baati Ltd.

(Bachelors of Commerce-Accounting)
Makerere University Business School

I believe the sky is no longer the limit and that I can learn and work or perform beyond my expectations. I love travelling, adventuring and watching.

(Bachelors of Architecture)
Makerere University

I always want to do my best in any assigned task and I don’t fear failing but rather embrace it and learn to do better. I strive for perfection and achieve excellence. My hobbies include playing rugby, reading fictional books and novels

(Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering)
Makerere University

In this world, everyone has a part to play, some qualitative and others quantitative but both have notable results. The world needs results not excuses or explanations. Play your part produce results and always deliver. I love watching engineering and technology material, playing cricket, table tennis, soccer, and adventuring the world.

(Bachelors of Procurement and Supply Chain)
Makerere University Business School

Human beliefs can be molded to get what you want that is get better responses. I can get anything; I have two of each that’s hands, ears, eyes, legs like any other people plus the brains, why should I expect less from myself? I must accept change because it’s changing my character for the better. I love soccer, basketball, productive debates, travelling, social networking, and reading productive material and learning from others.

(Bachelors of Science in Marketing)
Makerere University Business School

Success comes after one embraces the challenges ahead and does not view them as challenges but rather solutions to getting him to where he wants to be. Unless you decide to try, you’ll remain in the fear and failure zone because you never know the outcomes. I always love to challenge myself and believe that I can always make it in life. I love God so much, am a fun of Swimming, basketball, networking, adventuring, reading motivational books