Focus on Communities

In all that it does, Uganda Baati is critically aware of its roles as a socially responsible corporate citizen. Its focus is primarily on the communities in which it operates,particularly those which are most affected by poverty and social disadvantage.

Its Corporate Social Responsibility programmes focus on 4 areas in which it can make the greatest impact:
• Shelter
• Education
• Health &
• Environment

One example of our CSR is the Chandaria medical clinic in Kampala which offers treatment to more than 20,000 patients annually.
Among the major services provided by the clinic include;

• Ongoing medical services and laboratory services
• Screening of cervical and breast cancer for the women employees and dependents
• Reproductive Health & Family planning,
• Safe Male Circumcision,
• Immunization and deworming,
• HIV/AID Counseling and testing, health prevention & promotion
• Health education and provision of IEC materials about Malaria including mosquito-nets distribution.
• Integrated Medical camps/ health fairs.

CSR Activities